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Slag Vertical Roller Mill maintenance tips


With the arrival of hot summer weather, not only have people reduced the number of outings, but the tasks of mineral processing equipment such as Slag Vertical Roller Mills have also been reduced. Even so, in the hot weather, we must pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the Slag Vertical Roller Mill to improve the service life of the equipment.

Customers who purchase a complete set of Slag Vertical Roller Mill equipment will have a lot of cost. If the equipment is lost due to improper maintenance and maintenance, it will be a pity. So in the hot summer, how to properly maintain and maintain the Slag Vertical Roller Mill? A professional engineer will give you some suggestions:

1. Before the Slag Vertical Roller Mill works, the operator must first check whether the complete set of equipment, parts and accessories are in good condition. If there is any missing or damaged, it should be timely equipped and repaired.

2. When the Slag Vertical Roller Mill is working, it is necessary to regularly check the lubrication of each lubrication point. Lubrication is important for Slag Vertical Roller Mills, especially in the summer, where insufficient lubrication can easily cause the machine to heat up and damage the machine.

3. Monitor the temperature of each component of the main bearing of the Slag Vertical Roller Mill. Always pay attention to the temperature of the main bearing lubricating oil, drive shaft and reducer when the machine is running. If the temperature is too high, stop it for maintenance.

4. The Slag Vertical Roller Mill should be kept in a stable state during the operation. If there is a strong vibration or abnormal noise under the influence of high temperature in summer, it is necessary to stop the adjustment in time.

In the summer, high temperature weather will always have such an impact on the machine, so it is necessary to reduce the workload of the Slag Vertical Roller Mill and enhance the inspection and maintenance of the Slag Vertical Roller Mill to extend the service life of the machine.

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