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Calcite Mill investment cycle

The Calcite Mill is the main equipment for water-grinding and re-pulverizing graphite, and its popularity in the market is very high.

On August 22nd, SBM received information from users asking about Calcite Mill equipment. The user requested a production of one ton per hour. The original grain size of the material was 20mm, and the required grain size of the finished product was 30um (30um is also 0.03mm). SBM recommended the Calcite Mill for users, which is very suitable for the user’s production needs. It has been put into production in No. 8.30, and the user satisfaction is quite high.

Why do others invest in Calcite Mills so short?

In just 8 days, the process from consultation to production has been completed. Why is it convenient for other customers to invest 1 ton of Calcite Mill? We know that the investment price of a Calcite Mill is not high, low or low, and it is repeatedly selected and prudently invested, so the investment cycle is relatively long. In fact, there is still a shorter investment time, and I have received consulting equipment, which can be produced tomorrow, because as long as the method is right, investing in a Calcite Mill can be very simple.

Investing in Calcite Mills can be very simple

At the beginning of this article, the user wants to buy a Calcite Mill. The requirement is that the feed size is 20mm, the finished product size is 0.03mm, and the output is one hour and one ton. According to the specific requirements of the user, the SBM is comprehensively evaluated. The recommended Calcite Mill. Because the feed crusher of the Calcite Mill is 20mm, the discharge granularity is 0.075-0.89mm, the output is 0.65-2t/h, and the motor power configuration is 18.5kw, which can meet the various production requirements of users and the price of SBM. Economically reasonable, customers can invest so quickly, carry out later transportation, installation and production, in order to obtain benefits faster.

In fact, investing in Calcite Mill equipment, there are three important points: First, to understand their material characteristics, and the granularity requirements of the finished product, it is required to process the added water graphite, the finished product has a particle size of 0.03mm; the second is to clearly determine the production output requirement, which is one hour. The output of tons is still required for one hour; the third is to have a comprehensive consideration of the price, so that the supplier’s quotation after recommending the equipment can be well-informed and better invested.

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