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Summary : Factors affecting the productivity of Bentonite Mills Bentonite Mill, all friends engaged in mining, building materials and other industries have a certain understanding of the equipment, which is mainly used for various ores (gold, iro…

Bentonite Mill

At SBM, we adhere to the principle of providing each customer specific design solution. Relying on our sales managers' professional knowledge and our services throughout the life cycle of products, we help our customers out of their difficulties in equipment procurement, operation cost accounting, operation management, and after-sales service obtainment, thus improving their profit-making capability and realizing sustainable development of our business.

Factors affecting the productivity of Bentonite Mills

Bentonite Mill, all friends engaged in mining, building materials and other industries have a certain understanding of the equipment, which is mainly used for various ores (gold, iron, molybdenum, copper, etc.), steel slag, coal, etc. Special equipment for in-depth grinding and processing is generally characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, intelligence, environmental protection, low carbon, durability and long life. So, is your Bentonite Mill up to standard? As a senior mineral processing equipment supplier, SBM tells you about an effective way to increase the productivity of Bentonite Mills.

First. What is the capacity of the Bentonite Mill in one hour?

There are many types of Bentonite Mills. The commonly used specifications are Ф1200× 3000, Ф1500×4500, Ф1830× 6400, Ф2200× 4500, Ф2700× 4000, Ф3600× 8500, Ф5500× 8500. The capacity of these different types of Bentonite Mills is 1.6-5t/h, 3-6t/h, 6.5-15t/h, 9-45t/h, 22-80t/h, 45.8-256t/h, 148-615t/h. In addition, the supplier also provides professional customized services, as long as you need, you can contact technical engineers online, we will customize the equipment capacity to meet your requirements.

Second, the Bentonite Mill capacity is related to what factors

Undoubtedly, each type of Bentonite Mill generally has a fixed capacity definition value, but in the long-term use process, its work efficiency, production capacity, etc. will be compromised. In the long run, The machine capacity standard has dropped. What factors are related to Bentonite Mill capacity? Shibang We will introduce you for you:

1. Steel ball grading: The Bentonite Mill uses steel balls as the grinding body to crush and grind the ore. Then the steel ball grading and quality will be closely related to its production capacity;

2, the ore composition, grinding ore humidity is greater, it is easy to adhere to the Bentonite Mill, affecting the output, while the ore hardness is higher, the composition is more complex, the grinding difficulty increases, the production capacity will also decrease;

3. Finished product size: The higher the standard of finished product fineness, the lower the production efficiency and the lower the output.

Third, the Bentonite Mill capacity increase has a coup

What should you do if your Bentonite Mill does not meet the requirements after long-term use? In fact, it is not difficult to increase the capacity of equipment, Shibang suppliers are free to cope:

1. Reasonable control and uniform feeding, better play the ability of crushing and grinding of Bentonite Mill;

2, regular maintenance, timely replacement of severely worn parts, keep the equipment running smoothly, and improve work efficiency;

3. Improve the grinding system and upgrade the steel ball grading combination method to improve the grinding efficiency;

4. Add a fine crusher in front of the Bentonite Mill and use it with a high-efficiency classifier.

Four Steps Ensuring Safety And Efficiency Of Machine Preparation And Shipment

  • 1. Checking order. With the sales contract, the order tracking clerk checks the models and quantities of machine and spare parts for machine preparation.
  • 2.Quality test before delivery. Upon completion of the manufacturing of equipment, the quality inspector strictly checks quality of every machine with the checklist.
  • 3. Check items when packing. Before packaging and shipment, the order tracking clerk checks the packaged items again with the packing list to avoid loss of items.
  • 4. Packaging and transport. Professional packaging and modular solution of transportation guarantee the safe and smooth delivery.

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