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Bauxite Mill accessories

As a calcium carbonate mineral, calcite has a hardness of 2.704-3.0 and a specific gravity of 2.6-2.8. It has strong birefringence and large polarized light. It is a natural crystal that cannot be manufactured or replaced by humans. It is widely used and is a Bauxite Mill. As a kind of equipment for grinding powder processing, the performance advantage and working condition are welcomed by users. In the course of work, parts damage will occur, especially some wearing parts, so you need to purchase again. , the following describes the selection of Bauxite Mill accessories?

1, grinding roller and grinding ring

As a Bauxite Mill, the wear roller and the grinding ring are easily damaged in the wearing parts. These large reasons are related to the material to be produced. Since the selection of the grinding roller and the grinding ring is a practical problem when the user selects, the wear speed is Too fast, need to be replaced frequently, so it is not worth the loss, so it is very important to choose the wearing parts of the mill with hardness and wear resistance. If you buy this accessory from a small supplier, you will find that it is a general manganese alloy. This material is relatively low in manganese content, generally can be used for about 3-6 months, and the time is a bit short, while the large supplier’s Bauxite Mill uses M13 high manganese. The material is relatively more wear-resistant and is a good choice for Bauxite Mills at present. Therefore, when purchasing Bauxite Mill accessories, it is necessary to choose a regular large supplier to select a Bauxite Mill roller with long service life. And grinding ring fittings.

2, feeding system

The feeding system of the Bauxite Mill has been developed to a large extent. In the past, manual feeding was adopted, which was characterized by the constant rotation speed of the feeding roller, and the flow rate of the material was controlled by manual adjustment. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low machining precision, low cost, long equipment life and low failure, and the disadvantage is that the degree of automation is low and the labor intensity of the worker is large. Moreover, after a period of use, different degrees of wear will occur and need to be replaced periodically. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, there are already many feeding systems with high degree of automation for their choice. For users of Bauxite Mills, they should choose the appropriate method according to their actual conditions to achieve good production efficiency. Choose original accessories or go to the factory to buy.

As a mining machinery supplier with grinding equipment, SBM has production equipment accessories such as Bauxite Mills, which can guarantee the quality and ensure the model matching. Welcome to consult and purchase.

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