Silica Sand Processing Plant

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Silica Sand Processing Plant

The Silica Sand Processing Plant consists of a feeding system, a crushing system, a screening system, a powder selection system, and a finished product warehouse system.

1, Feeding System

The material source of the system mainly comes from the mixture of 3~50mm in the original system. They are sent to the transfer silo by the belt conveyor, and are put on the belt conveyor through the feeder under the silo to be sent to the crushing system.

2, Dual Host Crushing System

It adopts the common speed vertical shaft breaking + high-frequency high-speed vertical shaft breaking (rotor linear speed>81m/s) combined Silica Sand making process, and is sent to the screening system through the belt conveyor after crushing. Dual host crushing system technology advantages:

  • Large processing capacity: 100t/h-150t/h
  • Good grain type: needle shape <5%
  • Gradation stability: FMF = 2.7 ± 0.2
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: large feed particle size, effectively reducing front end crushing energy consumption; fully enclosed production, zero dust emission
  • Wide range of applications: Silica Sand and stone; separate Silica Sand production

3. Screening System

The vibrating screening machine is set with three layers of 2.5mm, 5mm and 10mm. The material larger than 10mm is sent to the ordinary speed vertical shaft crusher by the belt conveyor for crushing. The materials of 5~10mm and part 2.5~5mm are sent to the belt conveyor. The high-frequency high-speed vertical shaft crusher performs crushing; the crushed aggregate forms a closed loop through the conveying and screening system, and the aggregate of less than 2.5 mm and part of 2.5 to 5 mm enters the powder sorting system through the finished belt conveyor.

4, Double Powder System

The first choice powder and the second grade powder are selected in the powder selection system. According to the production requirements, adjust the frequency of the fan to control the stone powder content in the Silica Sand. After the powder has been selected, the Silica Sand is sent to the humidifier through the belt conveyor for mixing, and the wet is to solve the splitting of the Silica Sand.

5, The Finished Product Warehouse System

The wetted materials are sent to the finished product warehouse for stacking by a tape conveyor.

6, Plc Control System System

The Silica Sand Processing Plant is equipped with a special container-type control room, which integrates the power distribution cabinet, control system and operation room. It does not need to build a low-voltage power distribution room to save construction time.

Real-time monitoring and control of fineness mode, stone powder content, moisture content, etc. can be realized in the computer room, and the operating parameters of each device can be monitored. If an abnormality occurs, the operator will be reminded to repair the point and realize industrial production.

At present, according to the on-site production and operation and production process test, the system can basically meet the design requirements, only need to further debug some equipment, reasonably organize the production process, and adopt the ordinary speed vertical shaft breaking + high-frequency high-speed vertical shaft breaking (rotor Line speed>81m/s) Combined Silica Sand making process, the finished Silica Sand quality is stable, the gradation is uniform, the Silica Sand fineness modulus and stone powder content are easy to control, for your reference.

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