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Marshall Cone Crusher Common Problem Summary

The Marshall Cone Crusher is a mine crushing equipment commonly used in daily production. It has large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product size, and is suitable for medium crushed and finely crushed various ores and rocks. Inevitably, various problems will be encountered in the production of Marshall Cone Crushers. This paper summarizes the causes and solutions for some common faults of Marshall Cone Crushers, and hopes to help everyone.

1, The Oil Temperature Is Too High

Cause: The oil is not good, or the oil is insufficient; the bearing is damaged; the ambient temperature is too high, there is no cooling water or the cooling water is low; the cooler is clogged.

Solution: change oil, or refuel; replace the bearing; supply cooling water or increase the cooling water pressure; clean the cooler.

2, Oil Temperature Rises

Cause: The tubing or oil groove is blocked and the safety valve is malfunctioning.

Solution: Stop the Marshall Cone Crusher and check the repair.

3. The Oil Pressure Is Low After The Oil Pump Is Started Or The Indicator Has No Oil Flow.

Cause: The oil temperature is low; the tubing is clogged or the pump is not working properly.

Solution: Heat to increase oil temperature; repair pipeline or oil pump.

4, The Oil Contains A Lot Of Fine Mud And Impurities

Cause: The sealing dust-proof device is out of order; the water pipe is blocked or leaking, resulting in water shortage.

Solution: Stop the Marshall Cone Crusher and reseal or clean the repair and replace with new oil.

5, There Is Water In The Oil, The Oil Level In The Fuel Tank Rises

Causes: There is water in the thin oil station; the cooler leaks, and the water pressure is greater than the oil pressure; the small garden cone breaks the water supply too much or the return pipe is blocked.

Solution: cover the shed on the thin oil station, clean the oil tank, replace the oil; repair the leaking part or replace the cooler, reduce the water pressure, clean the fuel tank, change the oil; adjust the water supply or clean the return water pipe, clean the oil tank, replace the new oil.

6, The Marshall Cone Crusher Strong Vibration

Cause: The machine base fixing device is loose; the crushing chamber enters the difficult-to-crush material; the excessive material in the crushing chamber causes the material to block; the fitting is broken or worn; the poor lubrication causes the spindle to be wrapped by the bushing.

Solution: tighten bolts, pour; control the type of feed, prohibit non-crushed material from entering; strictly control the amount of feed;

stop the Marshall Cone Crusher and then check the fittings; replace the damaged parts, repair the oil pump and pipeline.

7, The Marshall Cone Crusher Is Strong Vibration, The Broken Cone Is Very High

Causes: lack of oil between the main shaft and the bushing or dust in the oil; insufficient clearance of the tapered bushing; wear of the bowl-shaped bearing bush or manufacturing reasons, the contact surface is deep to the inner circle, and the cone body sinks.

Solution: Repair or replace the bushing, spindle, etc., and find out the cause of lack of oil, eliminate it; adjust the bushing clearance;

re-scraping and meet the requirements.

8, The Dynamic Speed Of The Moving Cone Is Accelerated

Cause: The cone is sinking or the spherical thrust bearing is damaged; the upper jaw of the tapered bushing causes the gap to be insufficient with the spindle.

Solution: Adjust the gap.

9. The Drive Shaft Rotates Unevenly. After A Strong Knocking Sound, The Pulley Rotates And The Moving Cone Does Not Move.

Cause: The gear is worn or damaged; the coupling key is broken; the spindle is broken.

Solution: Stop the Marshall Cone Crusher and replace the gears, and make the meshing clearance meet the requirements; replace the coupling

key; replace the spindle to strengthen the iron removal work.

10. Produce Audible Cracks When Crushing Or Idling

Cause: The lining is relaxed; the moving cone or the fixed cone lining is not round and has an impact.

Solution: Stop the Marshall Cone Crusher and check the tightening of the screws and the detachment of the zinc layer.

11. After The Knocking Sound, The Coupling Rotates And The Crusher Does Not Move.

Cause: The key of the transmission coupling or gear is broken; the main shaft is broken.

Solution: Dismantle and replace the new one; remove the new one.

12, The Drive Shaft Rotates Unevenly, Producing A Strong Knocking Sound

Cause: The bevel gear is not qualified, the meshing is poor, the clearance is too large, the axial clearance of the drive shaft is too large or the gear is damaged.

Solution: Correct the meshing clearance or replace the gear.

13, There Is A Strong Impact Sound, The Support Ring Jumps, And Then Works Normally

Cause: Non-crushing material falls into the crushing chamber, and the main shaft is easily broken.

Solution: Strengthen the iron or install the iron remover.

14, The Size Of The Mine Is Increased

Cause: The liner is seriously worn.

Solution: Adjust the discharge port, reduce the size of the discharge port; replace the liner.

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