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What parts of the Impact Crusher production cost?

For the investment of the Impact Crusher, it is necessary to invest a part of the cost in order to obtain the benefit, and in the production process of the machine, other aspects of the cost input are required, that is, the cost is composed of multiple aspects, and only the composition is understood. In order to understand which components can be reduced, thereby reducing the cost of the machine and gaining high returns, here is the analysis of the cost of the Impact Crusher.

  • Component I. Auxiliary material fee, which mainly refers to the cost of all auxiliary materials used for production, including explosives, detonators, fuses, detonating wires, brazing steel, carbide, wire rope, wood, tires, cones Drill bit, Impact Crusher liner, etc.;
  • Component 2, fuel and power costs, this is mainly the cost of various fuel and power consumption, including electric energy, diesel, gasoline, etc., when the Impact Crusher is in use;
  • Component 3. The wages of the production workers. Since the Impact Crusher needs manual operation when it is used, it is necessary to pay the basic wages and additional wages to the production workers. (Additional wages refer to various allowances and health care expenses, such as labor insurance and medicine. Health, etc.);
  • Component 4, workshop funding, this refers to the costs incurred in the workshop and the costs associated with the workshop management during the use of the Impact Crusher, usually consists of three parts: maintaining a simple reproduction The required funds, maintenance fees, and workshop management fees, in which the funds required for maintaining simple reproduction are referred to as maintenance fees, refer to the sources of costs such as road excavation (development), production prospecting, and equipment renewal that must be carried out by mining enterprises for continuous production; The maintenance fee refers to the expenses for daily maintenance and maintenance of fixed assets (construction engineering and production equipment such as Impact Crushers), including maintenance workers’ wages and materials required for maintenance; workshop management fees refer to workshops in the organization. And management of various management costs incurred in the production process, including workshop management staff salaries, wage surcharges, workshop office fees, utilities and laboratory fees;
  • Component 5. Enterprise management fee, which mainly refers to the management fees and business expenses that occur within the enterprise and belong to the whole enterprise, including the salary of the enterprise management personnel, the salary surcharge, the office fee, the travel expenses, and the warehouse management. Fees, test research fees, utilities (water, electricity, etc.) and equipment depreciation and maintenance costs related to the management of administrative facilities;
  • Component 6、Sales fee, which mainly refers to all expenses incurred during the sales process of the mined products processed by the Impact Crusher, including transportation costs, sales personnel training fees, advertising fees, maintenance and maintenance costs of sales handling equipment;
  • Component 7. Taxes and interest refer to various taxes and loan interest collected by the state and local governments;

From the above production process of the Impact Crusher, it can be seen that many of these components cannot be reduced, such as sales expenses, taxes, and interest, and the parts that can be reduced are not.

First, reduce the loss of the Impact Crusher

When the Impact Crusher is working, the loss of internal parts needs to be repaired and replaced. This is a part of the cost input, and this part can be reduced by reducing the loss, which is an aspect of cost saving;

Second, reduce power consumption

When the Impact Crusher is paid, the electric energy is a necessary condition for the machine to start and work normally. For the use of electric energy, the cost is required, but the power consumption can be reduced by some means, mainly to strictly control the installed capacity. Reasonably arrange the number and capacity of transformers connected to the grid at the same time and take the wrong peak production, and produce electricity during the valley period;

The above mainly introduces the components of the Impact Crusher production cost. For the analysis of this problem, the above is more detailed. First, it introduces the components of the cost of the Impact Crusher investment process, and then describes how to reduce The problem of cost input and the reduction of cost investment are one of the effective ways to improve the comprehensive income, and it is a problem that customers pay more attention to.

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