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Introduction to the development status of domestic Gypsum Manufacturing Machines

The Gypsum Manufacturing Machine is generally used as the secondary and tertiary crushing equipment for sand and gravel in production. Due to its large crushing ratio, energy saving, low pollution and large production capacity, it has a wide range of applications in various industries.

With the development of science and technology, the development of Gypsum Manufacturing Machines is also remarkable. Up to now, the Gypsum Manufacturing Machine can be divided into two types of multi-cylinder Gypsum Manufacturing Machines for the bottom single-cylinder Gypsum Manufacturing Machine. The current mainstream product is a multi-cylinder spring Gypsum Manufacturing Machine. This paper will introduce the development status of China’s Gypsum Manufacturing Machine from two aspects.

Analysis from usage performance

The performance of the Gypsum Manufacturing Machine is mainly reflected in the three aspects of allowing the feed size, processing capacity and discharge size. At present, the Gypsum Manufacturing Machine in the domestic market is dominated by a spring Gypsum Manufacturing Machine. However, due to the difference in design concept, the domestically produced spring Gypsum Manufacturing Machine has a small feed and discharge. Large, low processing capacity, heavy equipment, followed by cavity, dynamics and kinematics design, are behind the international advanced level.

Technically analyzed

In terms of design, the mechanism of the domestic Gypsum Manufacturing Machine achieves insufficient lamination breaking principle. Because the advanced design is to create conditions for lamination and breakage as much as possible, such as the use of cavity design and increased crushing force. However, at present, the domestic spring Gypsum Manufacturing Machine adopts a sliding bearing, and the rolling bearing has no moving speed and wear resistance, so the processing capability is not high.

In summary, the domestic Gypsum Manufacturing Machine still has a certain gap in all aspects. Only by introducing foreign advanced technology and increasing innovation research can we gradually narrow these gaps.

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